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Sagittarius (♐) is the ninth astrological sign, which is associated with the constellation Sagittarius and spans –th degrees of the zodiac. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this sign between approximately November 23 and December

Please login to continue. Cannot play video. Geographic Restriction. Visit zee5. You are not subscribed to access this content. Audio Language. Now Casting on. Audio Languages: Telugu. All Episodes View All. Subhamasthu - Episode - September 11, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - September 12, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - September 18, Episodes 21s.

Subhamasthu - Episode - September 19, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - September 25, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - September 26, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - October 3, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - October 9, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - October 10, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - October 16, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - October 17, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - October 23, Episodes 21s.

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Subhamasthu - Episode - October 24, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - October 30, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - October 31, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - November 6, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - November 7, Episodes 21s. Subhamasthu - Episode - November 13, Episodes 22m. Unity is best spell caster online who i will always pray to live long to help his children in the time of trouble, if you are there and your lover is turning you down, or your husband moved to another woman, do not cry anymore, email him at: Unityspelltemple gmail. Sep 20, PM matsepiso , my born date is , married 28 , i would like to the exact time of my birth and when i will conceive Sep 20, AM chiranjit , Hi Sep 19, AM Deana , Hello Friends my name is Deana i am from Australia thanks to Dr Papa, Am here to appreciate a man who has brought back the most precious thing back into my life, After my Ex Boyfriend left me for good 5 years i was in deep pain and so confused because i truly loved him so much because he meant a lot in my life,So i was at a shop one day buying somethings when i was listening to the radio hearing a lady talking about Dr Papa on how he has helped her in bringing back her ex,lover So which then i got home and had a think about contacting this spell caster So then i got his contact when i went to meet them at the radio station,They gave me Dr Papa email id,Then i decided to contact him, and i explained to Dr Papa how my Ex Boyfriend left me for good 5 years, Dr Papa has used his great and powerful spell to help me bring back my Ex Boyfriend within the period of 24 hours.

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    Been living in Spain for years now. I never believed in all spell casting. Have been scammed by many different people. I lost hope in them. My ex left me.

    Sandhya rani S

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    Consult An Astrologer Online

    Try him and see what am saying. Feb 22, AM amira carrera , Good article - I am thankful for the specifics! Does anyone know where my assistant would be able to find a template TX VS form to fill out? COM Feb 16, PM sowmya , i was born on 16 dec at pm i want to know about my life and my marriage life. He has been seeing another girl for about four months now. I told him that he needs to stop, but he says he is in love with her. My husband still loves me.

    He regrets getting into this in the first place, but is not willing to just break up with her. He says if they so break up then thy will be misunderstanding and he will not pursue another relationship even with me. So i did some research on the internet and also seek help and i came across a testimony made by a lady called Ibolo and i contacted the same spell caster who helped her mosthighsolutiontemple gmail.

    Surprisingly my husband came home and agreed to breakup with her, and he really did it all came as a surprise to me after all he came to me kneeling and begging me to forgive him that he never knew what came up on him that made him think of loving the other mistress. All thanks to Dr Zack I pray that God will continue to use you to help people in need of your help. Now am living happily with my family. If you are going through hard life and you need help in problems such as: 1 If you want your ex back 2 if you always have bad dreams.

    C Contact him again via mosthighsolutiontemple gmail. Dave, was told his work is real. I want to know about my career and scope of govt. My I'd is navratana04 gmail. I born on 13, Aug, at Uthiram 2 phase is my nakashatra. I want to know my Horoscope for My life has been sour since i became a cripple at the age of 13 and this has really affected my living. I met Nelson Justin during the Olympic when i was 24 years old and he was a very funny and caring guy who taught me how important i am to world.

    He made me understands been crippled is not the end of the world for me and i was very happy having him as my companion. Justin was a very hardworking guy and he promise to marry me before he left for business trip in China. Two months later he arrived from China and never visited me. I was told by my brother that Justin is now going out with my friend and this really broke me down cos he is the only one that truly loves me. No one wants to go out with me because i am a cripple. I and my brother traveled to South Africa to watch the world cup when i heard about temple of permanent healing.

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    Sep 02, PM Krishna Murari , Who are you and do I have to pay and yed how much the name is krishna Murari ,I would like to know about my son's janeo as I am looking for asunday and possible next day is a public holiday if not just sunday and he was born by cecerean on 26 April at 5. Please let me know your charges to see if I can afford.

    Thank you hope to hear from you soon and yes I want to do his janeo in or tks Sep 02, PM rakesh debnath , who am i? Sep 01, PM saadhana , i want to know my marriage prediction.. My financial conditions?

    Manglik Dosha and Chart Matching « Janma Kundali, Free Astrology Software

    When i'll become mother? Krizamoyan gmail. Aug 27, PM shweta , Nice I also wann know about my future nd my present Aug 27, AM gopinath , p gopinath at pm vijayawada andhara pradesh india. My accurate time of birth is pm. I want to know about my future and at what age i will get married My gmail is kiwan gmail. Email:ajikswami gmail. I'm married can a girl child 2 years. Will I or when will I have my second issue. Thank u. Aug 15, AM monica saxena , I want to know about my horoscop. My DB:5th Sept Now i am doing job trails. Plz Tell me when can I get job.

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    Could you tell me about my career and love life. Aug 04, AM gnaneshwari , My mom is not sure about my birth time,as she told me the idea nearby is am,Can you please help me to find out the accurate time,and i really want to do something good for my family,Please suggest me something, My email Id is - sulekha. Time am. I want know about my job style. And also type of business which will be suitable. Jul 23, AM lakshmi kumari , Hai my Name is Lakshmi kumari and my date of birth November 16 my birth time Saturday PM I want to know about marriage present I am unmarried and how will be my married life and another I love someone and I will success in my love or not..

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    If yes then what type of May 05, PM manu sharma , i was born on 20th november and my birth timing is pm.. Apr 23, AM Nicklesh , Want could be the sign of my son born on 7May in the afternoon. Would also like to know as what is his birth stone and which finger should he ware to support him from the bad time he is going through. Apr 21, AM madhumohanrao , i want to know my financial status, when i settle in life Apr 20, AM srinarayanan , My dob is 9 Aug tell me my future job and my future and my mail id is naraneee gmail.

    E-mail is Zigger hotmail. Apr 06, PM supriya sarder , i am born on 31 october in on friday at pm. Need to know about life as lots of problems are going in my life Apr 04, PM guru raja rao , sir i dont have job, let me know when i will get? Apr 03, PM sakshi mishra , hey i m sakshi mishra my birth date is and i want to know about my future Apr 03, PM ashik , hallo I was born at 10am in the morning.

    Im now 32 yrs old and really need some guidance as i have had a rough few years. I believe there is something special about me, inside, i see people differently to others for good or bad! Please email me back jordnd hotmail. Thanks for taking the time to read this.. I will bless you and send some positive energy to you today and some goodluck.

    Kindly tell me my bad time when ended. Can u tell me My Horoscope please Mar 28, AM justin , I want to knw my future Mar 27, PM pooja , hi sir my name is pooja DOB is 25th august 8;28 pm i wanna knw how is year goes for me. We are funded by alternative funding sources including our heritage trust loan firm and private high net worth investment. My name is Jitendra kept by my family but as per my janamkundali laldhan so what is my rashi?? Capricorn or mesh??

    Or another rashi?? Pls mail me to rajputjeet30 gmail. I want to know about my future pulse send me to madhusatya08 yahoo. I am from hindu religion. I want to know my real zodiac sign Becoz I love some1 a lot Mar 22, PM jyoti sharma , I born on 10th of may in on Saturday at pm at bihar in india I am from hindu religion With a years repayment duration period to any part of the world, here everyone is approved, bad credit OK or even low credit ok. Our loans are well insured for maximum security is our priority Are you loosing sleep at nights worrying how to get a Legit Loan Lender?

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    My mother said I am born in evening at 4. I was born plz tel me when I get marriage. Aligarh U. I just want to know in year whis is the best time for me to change my job. Please let me know as soon as possible. Sir, Can you please analyse and say when I will get married and also about my career and married life in the future.


    My email ID is : sonia india. My birth time is 7. Right now i am working in an IT company,but i feel like doing mass communication and do sumting in journalism. Want to know is this a good career option for me or i shud continue with my current job. Also want to know abut my personal life family,lovelife and marriage ,is there any chance for me to go abroad and other things.

    My email id is snehal. I am asking for name is suitable for me or not with respect to birth date and time. I want to know about his future and studies. Can you please analyse and say when will I get married and also about my career and married life in the future. My email ID is : rakshithasalian gmail. Jan 31, AM dhiraj mehta , Pl. I want to know about my finances and my future? I would like to know my true horoscope Pls and thank you.

    Reply back to: Coleworld88 facebook. As per my date of birth tell me my marriage will arrange aur love marriage and in which month and which year exactly my marriage will be happen. And after marriage in which country i will be settled Jan 20, PM bhaskar , i want knw my future nd my who is my wife Jan 18, AM Anu , My husband date of birth is 6 jan and his birth time is am place Muradnagar.

    I want to know the future opportunties or prospects about his job becoz he facing problem in his current job. Want to know about my career and finance, as i am currently job less and have no money to support my family. Awaiting your kind help. Regards Anup.

    How To Write Sandhya In Malayalam

    Jan 12, PM Tham , which countries recognise the child to be a year old at the time of birth? How my partner will be? Whether he will be rich or not? Warm Regards. Jan 07, AM raj , i was born on 26may , noon. I love a guy who is from a different community. My family is agreed for the marriage.

    Astrologer Sandhya Lakshmi Says About Society - Bharat Today

    But his parents are being completely against. They are not understanding and not agreeing and seeing matches day by day. Could you please let me know if i would get married to the one I love? Please tell if there are no chances, i will be mentally prepared. My relationship is going critical I lost hope. Please give me suggestions for my love to become successful. I am really tensed and worried. I born 15 Nov at 4 pm utterpradesh india. I also want to know about the gem. Financial status for future 2. My death time and how 3. Career: will I change work?

    Dec 27, PM srikanth , i born on 7 th january in morning 7. Time evening 5. E mail - vikash gmail. I would like to know my complete astro. I was borm 07 Mar hrs Birth Place: India - Andhra Pradesh - Chittoor pls send the astro report to my id dineshrao gmail. Born on 19th of july TOB: Around Please tell me how will be my future. Dec 18, PM vishal , My dob 21 06 81 time 8.